Bijou Bazaar

Tomyam Laksa at Laksa Shack.
At Bijou Baazar.

Mng skinnie. New Coach Handbag. Purple dress The Street. Gap green long sleeve. Tie Rack purple scarve. Cj7 necklace. This is a present from juniors for part6 Seniors at Uitm.

A kid playing.

I just come back from bijou bazaar. hehe. i went with mom nizang & hasanah. A purple lazy pants and stripes long sleeve. then mom told me to buy this pink dress. All of this items was very very cheappppppppppppp. . .like ghazi said chip chip. heheh!!! there are tones of people just now. arggghhhh. . .if there are not so many people maybe i can see all of the clothes there. And it was hot. i'm sweating like pig. Before that we went to Bangsar Shopping centre to have lunch. I want a pair of shoe but they all didn't fit. arghhh.

This is funny. I got this email from meow. My computer at home is broken so i can't on9 this couple of days. very boring. i sleep al day long and watch tv. I also had my period now. so i sleep to reduce the pain. Maybe i should prepare my t-shirts for the big day this late june. This monday i'll be doing that. CONFIRM!


Greeny said...

hi zie, trjumpe blog zie :p
congratulation on dip show, lpe nk ckp ari 2

mrym said...

wah COACH gtu
bagus bagus ;)
amende yang bgus tahu aku ni

Namaku Fa said...

hehe! at last! u went! after all the beggings... lalalal :p
tapi, jeles! nak gi gak!

nak nak nak nak!
kalau fa gi, mende merepek ntah fa bli! :p
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! nak gak COACH.
jelesssssssssss :p