GAP presents MARIE Digby in Kuala Lumpur

shirt from fine art student bought at intec(art talk), MNG skinny, radioactive vest, scarf from Trg. shades Forever 21, cap sg wang.

Hye today woke up at 1pm. hee. Its HOLIDAY baby. then take my bath and on9 for awhile. at 2.30 dyah sms said she is at KJ already. come and join her lucnh at OU. so i get ready and walk to OU. I ate Laksa Shack for dinner. At 5 I when to Meet and Greet Marie Digby. Rita win the passes when she called Mix.fm and sing Marie Digby's song. Go Rita GO! Thank to her i got the passes to sit in front of the stage. And i got to capture some good photo of Marie. I don't really like her but She is Ok to listen. I just wanted to make Sheikh jealous. I know he likes Marie so much because of her cuteness and gedikness sket when she sings in Youtube. huuuu BOYS! as always. Then at midnight me Dayah n Rita went to watch What Happen in Vegas! The movie was really worth to watch! You all go and watch it! So FUNNY! BIG FUNNY. And once again I had a great laugh! But I get a little sad because I don't have a boyfriend to sit beside me and watch together this romantic comedy! aiyooo. Don't be sad Nazima. You'll find a really fine good match one day.Oh btw, Dayah and Rita sleep at my place tonight. Tomorrow morning they have to go because Dayah have to work at 11 am. I'm so happy to watch them fight with love all the way. So sweet. Maybe I should treat my partner the way they treat each other. hmmmm by the way, I don;t have the mood to type anymore. Because this is not my favorite topic to talk about. Bye.

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mrym said...

suke suke ;D
dont be sad ok! heheheee