Pink tie rack scarf, Black long sleeve from FOS, purple pants(i LOVE this pants)

The button was a gift from FARAH DIYANA my love.

Yes, that is my CGPA for my Diploma in Graphic and Digital Media. My gpa is 3.89 baby! wow. It was a shock. It was all my effort. I work hard for all my subject. The group work was fun. I participated all of the time. Thank you Baboo, Bagong and Miss Poyo yg cantik! For 3D I know what I did and I know what I can do. 3D was A-. I work hard enough for my Major Discipline so i got a BIG fleshy A. As for Professional Practice the report on Phobiaklik i got A too. Thanks to all of my lecturer and friends and family. Muah muah muah. Tq Mr Ariff Ali, Mr Azahar Harun and Miss Lili Eliana! Miss you all. I have a big thank to you all. By the way, harge MINYAK naikkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. HAIYA what to do now? life is becoming more harder everyday. :(


Adderly Shaharudin said...

hey, congrats!

mrym said...

congrats my dear friend. woah its worth not to sleep to complete those projects hahaha.. congrats again ;)

FaFaFa said...

kamu HEBAT and HOT at the same time! hehe! good job! mwah mwah!