The Finger

Just now at 3 I guess my mom sabrina ghazi & mie fetch me from maryam's house. Last night I sleep at her house. On the way to home a 'biawak' cross in front of our car so mie suddenly brake because he don't want to hit it. But unfortunately it was hit by a van beside our car. I feel so sad for the biawak. I guess it died there. AL-fatihah! ha ha. So the story here is behind us is a man and his wife or girlfriend i guess on the motorcycle, when my bro brake maybe the motorcycle is about to hit us so he get mad and show us the fuck finger. what the fish? so this remind me of the same scene that happen in Malacca. Me Yna and Fa went out and Yna drove the car. We stop at the traffic light. And there's this girl who want to pass beside us to go to Tesco. The traffic light in on red but she hon like we are blocking her. Then when she passed beside our car she showed us the fuck finger too. Subahanallah! The girl is with her mother next to her. She even wear tudung and looks like an educated UIA student driving the car(no offend to UIA tough here). What is with all this Malaysian people? You all really have no manners nowadays. if you really are mad don't show that finger. I think we all learn this culture from the television. Nowadays we really have the guts to show that finger. Its really shame on you all. I hope I don't have this habit next time I'll be driving on the road. We have to be patient and live the life with love.OK people? I have more love to spread around the world.


Take Care.


FaFaFa said...

OMG! i still remember the incident. that girl is going to hell la wey! she's not even a girl la i think. haha. she's stupid! thinks she's sooooo good. padahal kereta kat belakang kita jugak! what's wrong with her! omg! give shits to her! haha.
hope she'll learn someday she kena from some1 else's too. padan muka!

mrym said...

hahhhaaa MALAYSIA gile..
semua dh terikut sgn budaya barat yg hanya memperbodohkan manusia hahahaaa
malaysia dh terikut ikut dgn budaya x elok... sakit nguh!~