Happy Birthday Zahariah Hassan!

So today is my mom's 55th birthday. I bought her St Ives lotion for her cracked feet. I share the present with my sis. My brother gave her a Jubah & black Tudung. Fatehah want to give my mom a handbag but she'll buy it this weekend because she'll be at Kemaman. I guess she wants to go to Kuantan. watch movies with her husband.

I woke up really early today at 6.30 am. me & mom went to the hospital to do my medical check up. i don't know why we want to go hospital maybe to save a little money but waste a lot of time and energy. That's the reality of life i guess. for lunch we went to pizza hut. i also went to vincci again because i want a new simple cute pump to go class. unfortunately teng teng teng.

afterwards we went to guardian and i lie to mom to buy the lotion for me. keke. SORRY MA! hope you happy with the gift. So by the way my mom already retired. today she's free! holiday for the rest of her life. she's a little excited to do so many things after this. she want to take care of her mother, look after ghazi, go to mosque more often, do some gardening and the most important thing go perform her haji.

i wore my new TRF orange dress but forgot to take picture. keh. just showing you my bracelet. well actually it's Fatehah. for dinner we went celebrate my mom's birthday at some restaurant nearby. My big sis Sabrina paid everything. then went to Cimb to check if my customer already bank in the money. she wanted to buy the guitars shirt. the mustard one.

why am i very rajin typing tonight? well, tomorrow will go to the hospital again to make the last examination. Then go to Yayasan Terengganu to take rm1000 as the preparation for all student who will go study. the rm1000 just once every intake. what am i talking here? i don't know how to explain here. o stupid me. as for the plan i also will go to post office to take my shirt i bought from gigirlstuff. and also to post the guitars shirt to the girl.

so that's all for now. i want to sleep. tomorow i have to wake up at 630 am again. hmm i also do a lot of thinking about our(fa yna & aida) house at Shah Alam. There will be so many things to manage after this. and by the way. we can't charge the rent per head. We have to charge per room. hm we'll discuss about it later honey. penin3.

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FaFaFa said...

ooooo. per head? how's that? aiya. see la how. pening2 too. i dint do the medical check ups yet. shit. nhahaha :p
malas ni, i gtg to bank again.
bongok la. benci aku!

oh ya, happy bday auntie!