Holiday and TV

List of what Ive been wacthing this holiday :

Ellen at Starworld 711 astro

Tv3 every tuesday 9 pm.

Malaysia version every thursday 9.30pm 8tv

I like AKU Stacy.

I watch DVD. my sis bought it at penang. We have all 7 seasons

Simple Life Every friday 10pm 8tv.

Desperate Housewives every tuesday 10.30pm 8tv.

Mama Kimora on E! 712 Astro.

The funny Uncle Aznil. . . and not forgetting the cute babies. . .

Hannah Montana every weekdays at 9pm disney channel 615 Astro.

Ugly Betty I watch all at Youtube.com. TQ!

I also watch Bolos, Raja Lawak, Jangan Lupa Lirik, Macam-macam Aznil, E-news, My Sweet 16 , Miami Ink and Kelab Pop.

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FaFaFa said...

TV jeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! noway!
heheh ;)