I was browsing trough all pictures just now and look what Ive found. Me and Tg Azura. keke. This was at Time Square. I think this is when I was 19. So young and look at my skin. OH I want that back please. I also found some love memory of me and Sheikh Mohamad Hafiz. OH I miss him. The old him. So loving. Oh no now I feel like crying.

Maybe he is just not for you. Like mom said Allah SWT did something for a very good reason. We just have to believe. Maybe you'll find another better version of him. BALD handsome kind loving loyal religious (:D) handsome educated rich have good family responsible and the list goes on. I don't want to show you the pictures of me and him. It is better to keep for my own gallery only.

I miss him!


mrym said...

owh i knoe y ur skin look better :)
because during the time u sgt bahagia to the max kot. .
so nnti later if u find someone kang, die jadi OK smule, kan kan kan. .

bersabar itu penting, wait n just wait n it may worth to wait!

mrym said...

zie mu lawo la masa ni... macam teenagers sgt sgt. . woah!
kena berisi sikit, skrg too skinny!
mkn bnyk2 jgn stress stress mwa mwa

FaFaFa said...

hehe! wat mrym says is all true! u gotta eat more! but make sure ur tummy is in good condition la :p
Be happy always! And ur face will glow as usual :)
mwahmwah! :*

Ziepurple said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh dun mention that tummy! kui kui kui