New pants bought for only RM1. Sale at Pink Lady.
This is me fresh after taking bath. Goody goody smell.

Ate Pasta Afham(maryam's lil brother) made for his family. Its was goooooooooooooooooood like pro chef.

Tie Rack, Forever 21, Tesco pants, Blay green heels, Teddy Tales Bag, Fourskin wayfare.

I went out to pay my fee. I checked in the web in was only Rm389.50. But after we(me & maryam) checked at Bank Islam it was Rm660 plus for part 7 Rm400. What the fish man? HELLLLLOOOOO. . .why don't just take it from my loan? so the conclusion is it was Uitm fault. You know Uitm everything is taik. hahaha. Next we went to vincci sadly none of the shoes attracts me to buy them Sorry. Then we entered Guardian. I bought VO5 shampoo just to try out. Maryam said my hair is oily so i have to shampoo everyday. OK OK I will next time. She bought some pad. Next we went to fetch Afham because he want to go to Yamaha to buy some guitar stuff and I met Syazana(hasanah's friend) and her boyfriend from Kelantan. They were CUTE! hmmm GOD bless both of you, hopefully. I also went to the hospital because my sis had fever. Went to hospital because from now on we really have to save money because of the oil price. She only paid Rm1 for the medicine.

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FaFaFa said...

cute pants! hehe :3
u always gets the cute stuff kan? hahha :D love the blue pants! ;)

hhmhmhm...how to know that we get degree thing already? :O