Zierapah @ Angkatan Baju Malaya

The crowd.

uwais, tun & me.

The Tee's

Nizang, booth & me.

Busy konon.

me, aliff, afham, areh & (dunno his name).

Me NONO & Wa!

I was so tired last night. I sleep at 8.30-1.00, then sleep again at 3.00-11.00! hehe so here i am uploading pictures from yesterday. I sold a a lot! thanks so much who bought moi stuff! hope you're happy with it. If you want more just contact me at myspace.

There were many girl school came. So now it's their thing nowadays right? So come and let's meet at KL Indie Fest after this! 3 4 & 5 july. @ Kl Tower.


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