2nd week.

went to my cousin's Mardiah & Johannis wedding at Concorde Shah Alam.

Went to their Akad Nikah on Saturday and the receptions is on Sunday.

My Cute little Mickey Mouse.

The akad nikah scene. Beside pool. Very peaceful. Hanya 1 lafaz sudah sah!~

The fruit cupcakes. Cute and delicious too. Its useless if its cute but taste like shit right?

My family with the newlyweds.

At Concorde. I miss you already Ghazi.

The cake.

I like the pengapit's baju kurung especially her kain. Glittery.

The food. I ate a lot but forgot to take pictures.

New purple heels. wink wink. Cheap Cheap. SALE SALE!~

Going to class.

With Farah. The mirror we have to pass everytime we want to go to class.

Aimy's new shoe from Jusco.

Went shopping for new bags. Bad Azi Yna me & Qmal at Bukit Tinggi, Klang. We had our dinner at Secret Recipe. We chose the rm10 menu.

The new BAGS. All from SEED. TQ SEED!~

Listening to Damage - Danity Kane.


Amy Wammy said...

wah shopping dgn lelaki!
best best.

FaFaFa said...

haha. nak gak shopping ngan bard n azi.:D

mesti best, mesti bynk mende fa bli. iskh,tak ley tak ley.

ghazi dah kacak skang ek. :)

Ziepurple said...

hahahha lawak la korang ni. . .fa mmg bnyk duet nk shopping