Button Shop

Yesterday went shopping with the boys. but i didn't take many pic because qmal already used his DSLR. . .so y use mine? beside that my cam is not as good as his. actually we went to KL to shop out things for assignments. but as usual we end up buying more leisure stuff than education stuff. HAHA. i bought COACH scarf and a camera pendant.

After class, NEW P&Co red jacket, SEED pink big bag, Momoe shoe MNG skinny, TIE RACK scarf and lil miss giggles tee. We already got our rulers all the french curve, L ruler and we did the bodice pattern drafting for size 12 last wednesday. for next week will do size 10.

Thursday, Momoe purple shoe, VOIR white pants, P&Co high waisted skirt, Padini orange white stripe long sleeve and Donatella scarf.

every morning bad and i wait azi at this bus stop. this pic was aken by batrisya Alya. HA HA.

Listening to silent.


Amy Wammy said...

Shopping lg. WAAAH!
when is my turn to shop? $$$$

FaFaFa said...

hehe. zie suke shopping! :)

nak jumpa batrisya alya!!! hehehe =3

Ziepurple said...

bkn shopping pon. g bli brg ass la OK girlssss. . .