Monday class, Pink cheong sam bought at Reject shop at kids department KEKE, Momoe purple sneakers, voir white pants and Tie Rack Scarf. (egg's from deviantart)

Moi camera pendant bought at FOURSKIN sg wang. RM20. everyone love it including Mr Faizal Hamid. wink wink.

Before costume history class. Donatella scraf, BUM white long sleeve, ROMP skinny, MOMOE shoe. red pinafore bought at Terengganu.

I want my own volkswagen beetle one day. But the price is VA VA VOOM!!!~

Azi, Aad & Batrisya.


FaFaFa said...

Batrisya tu penting oke. kekek :D

Yohana Tawith said...

i adore beetle toooooo!