new new new all new.

Iman Zaheera. Cute lil girl. My cousin's daughter.

Beloved Housemate, Yna & Fa. fa is wearing Zierapah. :D
we went to Jusco. bought some rice, oil, eggs and fries. We cooked tonight! happy3 time.

New purple Momoe shoe for only rm12.

Azi, Bad & Aad. My 3 new best friend. I'll be spending my coming 3 years with this 3 'man'. :p

Cake for my cousin's open house. Saje2 bwat makan2.

Kismis from Madinah.

XOXO, Romp, Padini, Fourskin, Tie Rack

New kids bracelet bought at the curve.

New necklace with mirror. Bought at The curve too.

New long dress bought at the curve, New wayfare from sg wang, New metal bracelet bought at the curve, fos red sandal(farah's)

It's monday I wear baju kurung today. the orange one. tie rack, momoe shoe some eye liner & nivea lip balm.


Amy Wammy said...

eh tak penah tgk pn baju zierapah yg fa pakai. wah 3 men best fashion friends~ aad masih old friend. hehe.

nuriez said...

huhu lawa2
saya jeles

xaciii la
zie pakai ape pun sme cantek
isk isk

LKB-rox said...

hi i like your blog it's cool!