tshirt printing from food not bomb. dun have to pay just by donation. i also made painting on ceramic for qmal. all by donation. i only pay rm2 and take a cute painted ceramic. hehee.

Scarf : Tie Rack
Wayfare : Sg wang
Top : Nafnaf
Necklace : Arts 4 Grabs
High Waist : Old Blossom Box
Bangle : cap.zoo.ed
bag : zara
gladiator : Voir

The ticket to KL.

Free ride by food not bomb at Arts 4 Grabs, Annexe.

My buy all under rm5.

Cute kring kring necklace. rm10.

For more pics have a look at my facebook. TQ.


mrym said...

on9 shopping is fun rite?
heheee n its easy too :D

Ziepurple said...

isk. a bit fun but. . .kne cpt if nok hk cantek2!!!~

Amy Wammy said...

aiyak. comelnya yg makhluk square shape tu!