back to Shah Alam ok.

hmm now I'm back at Shah Alam.
today is the first class after mid term break.
so much to talk about.
so much to laugh about.
so much to cry about.
so much to think about.
so much to draw about.


oh BTW thank you YUMI for sending me this VERY cute necklace for my birthday. I miss you so much YUMI! muah3. later i'll post the picture. so cute ok.

and what did i do last weekend? after arrived at shah alam my cousins come and fetch me. that night he and all his siblings ask me to join them dinner at BB. we ate seafood. DELICIOUS! thank you ee blanje mkn. he just got his BONUS. ngeh3. last night(sunday) i went to stadium malawati to watch gangstarz LIVE. ngeh. i never watch it actually. saje Gatal because Zeni offered me free vip pass. i went with qmal, adi & Ag. hmmm. Mimi was soooooooooo GOOD! i wish i can dance like her. very energetic and dancing with all her heart. just like Fergie. you go Girl!


Amy Wammy said...

yup! agreed2. mimi mmg pandai dance!

FaFaFa said...

makan seafood.
nasib baik fa tak baca blog z, b4 yna ckp pasal rantai tu. bongek nye yna. yakin je fa ingat yumi dtg. cet cet cet