Aad edit. Gerun x? but nice editing babe.

My fashion department tshirt. nice or not? be honest pls.

Well for the tittle it is for the Uitm, 10% non bumiputera thingy. I really2 object that idea. Its bullshit OK. Uitm benteng terakhir. sume bende da bg. kite da bnyk bertolak ansur jgn smpi kite ditolak beransur-ansur. ni quote from someone that qmal read from newspaper maybe last week. i like that statement. it makes us think. why don;t you all go to those luct one academy taylor's monash and so on so on. bwat pe msuk uitm. uitm biase2 je. xhebat pon. xle pki sexy3. skema. pakgad saman situ saman sini. xbest la uitm ni. baik msuk swasta ble g oversea. hmmm ape lg ek? mcm2 la. xyah la msuk uitm OK? heheheeee.

so tomorow ill be going home TRG. what did i do today? woke up and take bath watched shinchan and midori no hibi and kung fu panda and what happen in vegas until evening. eat oreo, maggi, nesvita, ubat and minerals. watch boys playing futsal. but can't see clearly so can't detect the wether they are really2 cute or hot ot not. :p

i'll be at trg for a week. 23rd morning will be on bus heading to SHah Alam again. that night will be GEGAR U event. adam, siti, jac, and spe ntah lg will be performing. i would to go but no friends i guess. so just sit home finish your work nazima!

what more? oh i also finished decorating my boring fashion department tshirt. lovely or not? or too crowded? whatever it is it will be special not like ordinary others. jgn jeles OK kwn2. lagi2? so just now i found out that tg azura's ex husband is now dating raessa, shasha's friend. hm dunie. pusing2 kat situ jgok. bru je last friday azi ckp psl tg azura. mse fashion show tg azura will not change in front of people because she know she is a mom and will respect her childrens. that is what azi told me.

Shit! right now i should be on my way back from cameron ok. the trip was canceled very3 last minute. if not i will have so much fun up there with all friends and senior of course. i will eat strawberry and the most important thing i already have tons of picture of the activities we've done up there. shit la uitm. so there is 1 more reason why you should not enter uitm OK adik2. g je la luct tu. blajo fashion kt sane k. :D and we also planned to have our dinner up there woth the theme back to school. what ever. we part1 also have to do performance bla bla bla. isk why why why? why cancel? why x book bus awl2? why? mulut sedap je bercakap. cube ko handle. mule la serabai itu xkene ini xkene. jgn kate kt org je pndi nazima oit. cerming pjg de kt luor tgk la lame smpi lebam mate sume. then no need to go class. oh btw it's fais's bday 18 august. 16th is nabila adnan's bday. 4th is mytho. and 23rd is nono's. 17 is pojie's and lastly 30th is yanna's yg sexy gile mse monash ball. whatever it is she's young. jgn mse tua ngidam nk sexy2 sdh la ok. btw nazima jgn kte kt org nnt blik kt kte. phm? igt ma pesan ape OK.

so i wrote long tonight. why? why lagi. hmm saje je boring kan. tq sbb bace. rajin ek korang bace? mmg suke bace eh? xyah bace la. malu je OK.

k la byebye.

nk kepok keping from trg x? if u want it order OK. i'll buy it for you.



ezreen87 said...

u go to da bantahan also?
gud dude...wat a cool bunches...

Ziepurple said...

xpergi pon. de class. :D

FaFaFa said...

this is longest writing ever!! hehe! So many things in one blog. kekeke. kelaka baca. ketawa guling2 dah ni. :)

hehe. yehyeh, no nid go uitm. biasa2 je kat sini. :D
pergi tmpt lain oKe?

cantek! cantek baju tu!
one of a kind punya FASHION pink shirt. :p

A A D said...

hoh u deco d shirt ledi...?!

x aci nye.


i'm gonna do EMBROIDERY occay?

(x nk kalah)

hahahahah.... .

Ziepurple said...

bwat la aad. BWAT. jgn kalah. nnt aku lukis 1 bju tu warne warni. RAINBOW kan. :))

Filzah said...

comelnye tshirt tuuuh
xdek la plain sgt (haha)
len kali zie wat je la tshirt department

A A D said...

baek la! huhu.. .