Ah cute nye. :D
OK its 7am. i arrived home at 5am just now. i sit to my new friend in the bus. its syikin part 5 textile student from trg too. its a small world ok. pusing2 situ jgok ok. we talked a lot when the bus stop at cherating at 1.30am. hmm when i arrived i noticed that my mom's car is done finally. for about 1/2 year its in the workshop. just to repaint it with metalic green. the car looked very NEW. duh. hmm also de buai bru msti utk ghazi la tu. but its wood and very for old people lepak in the evening drinking tea. hee. Ghazi cried a lot. he is sick. kne inject for 1 & half year at his right paha. pitty you ghazi. mom, na and ghazi cut their hair. funny. ALSO! my house now de WIFI. hello? jht nyeee. . .if only i have laptop. . .or if i have pc pon if only live here. isk! i must ask my mom to buy me the streamyx+broadband combo no matter what. but she'll buy me the sewing machine this week. isk. bnyk nye duet die nk spend just for me. ko ni spe? ank emas ke? xpatut2. BUT I WANT INTERNET plsssssssssssssssssss. . .hm we'll see what happen next. right now im using sabrina's school laptop. i also hear that fatehah bought herself a new laptop. hm ye la org da kerja kan? my mom cooked me karipap ikan just now. best sgt. ghazi also eat while crying. isk mkn pn nanges. HAHA. im watching mtv now. and olympic. hmm tinggi weh bdk russia tu lompat. high jump kot with the long stick tu. world record weh. mate die bulat. mcm comel poseng. ngeh. poor malaysia. the one and only hope. never mind. he already tried his best. dari kite yg xmsuk langsung ni? at least he got silver ok. silver wei. ko ADO? (clap clap) NON ADO!!!~ madonna celebrate her 50th birthday this week. hm ellen too. ellen tu 50? cant believe that. sbb nmpk younger. (clap clap) she is happy go lucky thats way she looked younger than she supposed to be right? so i want to laugh laugh so that i'll looked younger. aceh konon. bosan nye TV ni. de astro pon i have nothing to watch. shit song is playing on tv. ape da. its morning. you should show something refreshing babe! aiya. hmm why i like to write longer nowadays? cuti kan. free time la konon2 ni. haha gile la lu mat. why r u reading this? tq btw. hmmm what more to share? APE? WHAT? OH MY GOD! fa went shopping at OU? what she bought 2 pairs of SHOE? OMG(oh minah gedik) hahahaa. . .tsk tsk tsk. sabar3 nazima. hmm cant wait to see them. size pe fa? ngeh3. what have i missed? i missed MTV asia award, FFM, olympic opening ceremony, sindarela, mocca and hmm ntah. SEDIH sgt OK. i want to watch them all!!! tension je. if only i have a car and money. money money i want more money. but in life duet xkan pernh cukup. right? if we have car we have to fill the gas, if we have TV, we have to pay the astro every month, house, phone bills, electric and ptptn lg. isk. when will we have enough money? will have to perform haj then. that's why Islam ask us to be sederhana sahaja. HAHA. ceramah pagi. renung2kan & slamat beramal. nk tgk opening ceremony olympic beijing 2008. tgk teaser pon WAH, WOW, omg, weh gile wei, xtgk the real lg. isk. kt youtube xde ke? hm oh yeah, next week prjct runway 05 will be designing for darg queen! wah. i was like opening my mouth so wide to watch the teaser. i was at the cc. if only my friends were around. the cc will be very noisy! ngeh. cant wait to watch. hee. hm zac efron ni cute gile if he have a bit of janggut. like messy2 bad boy. melting melting here. k la. berangan je lbh. bye. muah3.
watching disturbia by rihanna vclip on mtv.


FaFaFa said...

tahniah tahniah. makin lama makin panjang critanya. DETAIL penting oke. :)
hahaha. saiz ni muat kot. ntah la. tgk la nnt :D

malassssssssss nye mau bwat work.

Ziepurple said...

whahahahaaa. . .xpyh bwat work. HOLIDAY means cuti rest all day long. hak3!!!~

Amy Wammy said...

bnyk btl bercakap. hahaha. mcm tgh tgk zie berckp dpn2 ni ha. hahah. gila ke tak bt work? kena buat!

Ziepurple said...

hwa hwa hwa hmmmm. . .xyah bwat la ammy. btol.. .. ..lenkali ble bwat. esk anta mkm ni bru bwat. whahah!!!~

A A D said...

VERY entertaining post!

hahahah... .

sgt klaka occay?

NON ADO.....!!!!

siap ade *clap clap* lagi.

hahahah... .