High waisted.

CAMELIA. (photo from jaja's facebook)

Go agyness go.

OH MY GOD its AUGUST. aiya. im very busy last july. look at my post. i only have 12 post for july. busy with the new schedule as a fashion student in new environment maybe. everything have to be done by myself. from a to z. but now im happy with good friends all by my side. but unfortunately theres also 2 shits that have gone forever in y life. Even though i know ill b meeting them again or bump into each other again but ill ignore them like i never know them. they have no brain to think. they are useless ok. hate them. whatever it is i want to thank them to show the real side of them earlier. it will be worse if they go out from the house later. GOODBYE MY SHIT 'FRIENDS'.

listening to rockferry - duffy.

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