Saturday Evening.

Scene from the backstage of the Fashion Show for Business school event.

It's a RAP!~

Me Aad & Azi

Me Azi Yna Aad Jieha Farah Intan Ammy & Cheng. Photo by baby_ex.

Yna, Bard, Azi, Farah & Me.

Farah, Me & Yna.

Timer shot - at Padang Kawad for Business school event. It was for 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In the evening the activities are gigs from local indie band. Some of them are The Times, Couple, Skudap Skudip and so on so on. Later at night Fashion Show rules. I helped my senior Ardi with the show. Aad azi n bard were there too. There are few more senior names that I didn't know. sorry. :D

At 12am my day end. When I got back, I changed my shirt and sleep untill 10 am. Sleeping beauty.

Listening to Farah spraying her assignment with spray mount.


FaFaFa said...

wow. ARDI. :)

eh! kantoi la fa baru bwat assignment malam tadik!! :p

Amy Wammy said...

wah wah. g modul then g fashion show then g gig. wah wah.

FaFaFa said...

pastu kami penat mcm org tak de hala tujuan pada midnite nye...


Ziepurple said...

tau xpa. blk trus tdo bogel. whahaha.

mrym said...