Aad, Azie, Fa & me.

Tie Rack scarf, Bijou bazaar pink dress(thanks mom), voir pants and voir glads.

15th August is my bday. But today i got a surprise party from my babiessssssssssss(fa, yna, aad, qmal, azie & bard)!!!! tq tq tq tq. i love you all. i really had no clue. serious!!! btol x tipu langsung ok. wah! feel like crying ok. i love you all. muah muah. they bought me cake! domino's pizza, kfc chicken and wedges, drinks and twisties and chaco's. it was FUN! the food was huge. we eat until we are very very very full! of course we take a lot of pictures. fa bought me a white long shawl and yna made me a very cute card and got me a slim red belt. love love love. even tough i didn't get cupcakes but i really had fun celebrating my birthday with my love ones.


mrym said...
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mrym said...

btw aku yg delete comment itu karna typing error.*hahahaaa*

hello :D

*happy becoming bday!*

p/s: im glad to see that u are happy now.

Amy Wammy said...


Ziepurple said...

jht gile ammy! isk sdih.

hm maryam miss u la!