4 more days to go.




Thursday, we went to Sunway Pyramid. we watch MAMMA MIA! oh loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that movie. so funny!!!~ i laugh like hell in the theater. sorry if I annoy you guys. but i can't help it. where did the 3 mother get their energy. like madonna in 50 la right? still energetic. jump here and there. dancing, running doing that and this and tut. whahahaa. i want to buy the dvd or just download it. and of course i'll be dowloading all the ost. hoho.

i bought new RAYA heels. ah its cute & rock and under budget for me. it's from Voir. actually i want to buy an ankle boot at vincci but tet tet no size. whatever it is the heels is much better than the ankle boots. later i'll show you them. but it's 3inch mybe? sakit kaki la later on. just wear it for special occasion. we ate at Gasoline. they all to did a lil bit of shopping raya. Yna bought herself her own gladiator at MOD. azi bought the most. Bad bought 2 topman. hoho. FA? what did you buy? bnyk gk la tp. aad? he said raya is not his thing. oh sdih. qmal bought a sandal.

The ankle boot size 7. ketat eventhough i can fit in.

for this raya i'll be wearing purple simple kurung. tu pon, i didn't choose it. my sis choose and send it to the tailor at Terengganu. 2nd day and so on i'll be wearing all my vintage dresses. hoho.

Friday, we went to IKEA yet again. i really have no mood for class today as everyone has already went back home or kampung. after morning class, went back home, azi went to friday prayer then he woke me up at 2.30 and i said 3. . .while they waited and discussing suddenly qmal said JOM IKEA. i was like EH? aiyoo. jom jom then send me back to tmn tun. after all the cat fight wether to go or not, at last Azi said g la kemas barang. then i jump and pack all raya stuff. now im at tmn tun telling you all this bla bla bla. boring. the 3 of them bought VOUGE bumper edition but only rm21. aiyo. 3 friends bought the same thing. but its like a text book for us la right? hmm i didn't buy. maybe i'll buy later this month 'text book' but not that vouge. hoho.

Aad, Zie, Azi & Bard. (photographer, Qmal)

ah and finally, period. hoho. i'll not be fasting for only 4 days this year. hoho. ala nk tgk coffe prince. isk. no fair. yna and azi got to watch them. what ever. watch it later, i'll be dead boring at Shah Alam if i watch it this raya at Trg. what more to story2. hmm yeah finally met Ghazi just now. he arrived here at 11pm just now. he'll be back to Trg one day before raya. shopping la tu. huhu. omg it's 5am. hmm always sleep late and i'll be looking older than my age later on. my fashion department has it own blog already. click it at la moda section at your right there. It's Puan Rose who handle the blog.

yeah and now about assignments that is taller than the Everest! ahhhhh HELP. what im afraid most, Puan Shaliza's work (walaupun subject elective je), Puan Saemah, later on have to make some experiment making a dress on dummy for Fashion Design I. Costume History, history is really10x not my thing. Fashion Illustration, i planned to do it tomorrow but I'm here at Tmn tun. the board is at Shah Alam. it's big to carry around here and there. aaaahhhhh. No time already. nuts nuts nuts.


whatever it is, raya tetap raya. HAHA.

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