Friday and Ramadhan.

Baju Kurung on Friday.
The dress flag is beside fashion studios. i don't know who make it. but its cute.

the buttons from Arts 4 Grabs. rasa syg hei from salsa, cute monster rm3, z keyboard rm2.50.

Today for breaking our fast, we cooked. qmal, azi & me went to Tesco right after mr faizal hamid's class. it ends at 5 pm just now. argh. really boring doing embroidery in that class. luckily i have azi efhan nizam & tasha to gossip3 while sewing. and also watching 'drama' from AAd! haha. so cute the way he tries flirting with farah. keke. lame ok kteorg tgk. dlm 15mins OK. :D

so back to my cooking. after tesco azi sent us at qmal's house. now, azi is in the bus to machang. to do his clearance (some Uitm thing). yna and hasanah waited us for about half an hour at the bus stop while we are at the tesco. after reaching home, we grab everything and start cooking immediately. i cooked the rice and black pepper beef. qmal make the potato soup and some enchovies.

the soup.

the enchovies.

the black pepper beef.

we did not prepare the dishes on time. we did not break our fast on time today. because we reach home at 6.45 pm OK. maghrib is at 7.30pm. but never mind. we really are full after eating all of the dishes. and the are left overs. will make it as our sahur. that's all for today! hey its friday baby! weekend. yeay. sleep sleep. tomorow will be breaking our fast at Intekma resort. will be family gathering organized by ako li and ee. tq tq! save my money. and on sunday HUDA's place will be having amir's 2nd bday party. yeay. oh have to buy some gift. hm what will fit right for 2 years old boy? choc maybe?



A A D said...

HEYY...! mane ade aku coba ngurat dia. ciss...~ we were juz talkin' occay??!

korunk kejam! kept bullying me all day. hmpff.. .

Ziepurple said...

hahaahaaa. . .klako OK aad mase tu. . .