Lucky to be HOME again.

Ghazi on his new kai(basikal).

Eating fries at Wendy's, Jaya One, PJ.
Tq Aman & Na blanje makan.

Oh I'm Thirsty.

Went to Ou, bought this headband for Aidilfitri. wohoo.

Finally Im at home, Kuala Trg. Last night we start our journey at 12.30am. we arrived at 8am just now. I drive after mi. from Genting to Kemaman. Ako Li and Ace Hah is family also together with us. i have fun racing with dekdek and amiri. keke. the highest speed is only 110-120. keke. laju ke? what to do today babe?


Amy Wammy said...

wah zie drive!
blh race gk lps ni.

Ziepurple said...

jom jom. keke.

FaFaFa said...

ghazi! awat hang cute ngattttttttt :D

KAI=basikal. tee hee