falling in love.

what did I do today?
pattern and garment class. we finally made the skirt in 3 hours. even tough its not complete because we did not do the wristband yet. Next week we'll be doing trousers. aiyooh! tlg tlg. hm next is embroidery class. the class start late. we sing songs (i mean a LOT of songs) before the class start. next we went to CC.Qu. searching some info for Christian Louboutin for presentaion skill class. haha. gile last minute. then we went to bazaar sek2. i bought meehoon goreng for sahur. then i went to restaurant yong tau foo sek7. sakinah(my cousin) & Shahrul blanje buke puase today. yeay! the food was REALLY2 great. serious. let's go eat there again babe! i love soup and the crunchy chinese karipap. haha. din;t know the name. the sugarcane drink was great too. 1 glass is not enough. but i was too shy to ask for mineral water. atut. :D

went back, take my bath. sit in front of pc to get ready for BEL and then sleep! whahaha. crazy.
now i am supposed to HAFAL HAFAL HAFAL. yes i already remember half of my speech ok. rest for awhile (aceh!~) at 1 am finally farah came home! oh god. cuti sem once again eh farah? maryam called me. we talked like shit last night. ngumpat3 everybody. oh yeah. i made myself a bag last night. woot woot. i'll wear it tomorrow.

ok i want to continue with my speech and sahur and sleep. hope tomorrow will be better. SMILE BABE.

listening to dancing in the moonlight - Toploader.

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mrym said...

hello. . . kite ngumpat pasal everybody tu means ngumpat celebrity ok! xdop makna nk ngumpat pasal masyarakat sekeliling :))