You All.

Hope you all had fun this year Syawal. Elok2 main mercun. Here they all are like in war of firecrakers. and their crakers are like those used at big celebration. wonder where this kids got all this crakers. hmm. ok wait for all my aidilfitri outfits. hehe. biase2 je. this year fatehah is not with us. she is with her husband family in taiping, perak. just now i watches Princess Diaries at disney channel once again. its funny ok. i help to clean up my house for this big celebration. i don't feel the excitement anymore like i used to feel last2 year. why? hmm i feel like very boring waiting for the big day. well it's tomorrow by the way. i'll be eating laksa tomorrow. i'll go to my grandmom's and cousins and aunty and uncle. bla bla bla. hmmm. . .i also plan to take pics of anybody who look good in their aidilfitri outifts and show to you all. wait ok.
see you soon.

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