4th day.

on the 4th oct there are some school gath at ibai golf n resort. the gath is so-so. there are only few that showed up. so I'm boring being there. the boys are blergh. that's all. hoho. now im back at shah alam. this weekend will be going to Cameron for our department trip. hope i will have bost of fun! will be dancing poco2 for our batch performance. lets dance baby!

that's all.

im doing my research on John Galliano now. aiyoh. for public speaking final presentation this thursday.

oh btw wa watched KAMI the movie. hoho. the story was soooooooooooo sad. bergelinang air mata ini semasa lynn menghentak2 kaki di hospital.

k la. have a good fucking day baby.


FaFaFa said...

fuyoh. LETOP!

Nazima said...

har3. rawr.

nikming said...

comel sokmooo mek zee aku nih...miss your giggles!!hehe