Down the memory lane.

My youngest sister, Hasanah. She's my best friend since the day she was born even tough we fight like cats and dogs. we are very ying yang. She is a tomboy, but a good one. haha! I'm a girly girl. So everything is different. Yet we still need each other. Oh so touching!~

Me! so how is it? find this in my mom's old passport bag. she need to renew her passport. so we find this old pictures. i should have snap all of my siblings. silly me. i'll do it later if im back at Trg again. hohoho.

if i were 5 years old again. my world will be heaven! nothing to do. nothing to think about. nothing to worry. play all the times. eat what i want. do what i want. oh only if?



FaFaFa said...

oh, hasanah! comel sangat! :)

A A D said...

hey u beat me to it! mmg igt nk wat 'down memory lane' ni gak. huhu... best! u look so like YOU. hahaks.. .