1 Liter of Tears

this is what Ive been watching before i sleep nowadays. even tough my work loads are like shit! haha. i can't sleep. i don't know why. so i have to have something for my eyes to be entertain before it close for the sweet dream. sweet ke? x pon. bodo! haha.

By the way the story is very3 sad, OK! believe me. if you want to cry but you can't watch this. this will help you to tear down a bit.



FaFaFa said...

nanges dok zie?

fa nanges. hmmhmhmh.
sedeyh cite nih! uwaa!

qila, darl said...

cite ni sangatttt sedihh.
brape kali tengok pun mesti nangis.

Pyantos Kacab said...

serious aku nanges tgk cite ni dowh... sial btol la aku nanges