The Princess.

The dance I.

Group dance.

Hana's new store.

the Melon brooch from Hana. "We blush to plush!"

the Owl. rm5. comel OK???

rm14. muah muah. parrot. Oit oit oit you! Play with me.

Went to Nurita Harith Tea Party at Bangsar. we ate cupcakes and have a look what is in her boutique. some are good some are normal. then went to ASK, KL for Bijou Bazaar. Up there is all my buys. at night we watch musical teather tittled TapestryHuminodun Puteri Nabahu. and the pondan2 was so cute. OH NO!~


Amy Wammy said...

cantik n comelnya parrot!

Nazima said...

yeah. comel kan? sbb tu bli. woot3

salsatheshopaholic said...

u went to pondan theater?where is tat place??u n fa shop a lot ok!!! jeles2..miss u la kak zie!!!