HOME, Dec 2008

So it's already the end of year 2008. huh? serius? confirm? btol ke? hmmmm what did i achieve for this year? finally i got to study Fashion Design. atut. what? am i not that good enough to be in this fashion industry? or maybe god want to test me if i really2 want this. hm. whatever. im done with 1st sem for my degree. hope my result will be a beautiful butterfly with smiling face. oh so sweet. i also join but only a little with modelling. thanks to Shasha. i just do that for money. keke. the most expensive payment was rm200. and i bought a wardrobe at IKEA with that.

my graduation for my diploma in Graphic Design went well last 2nd dec. im very happy that day. i got two bouquet of roses with mickey and minnie. one from ako li and the second one is from ace sakinah. tq so much. it was very hot that noon maybe because of the robe and all people there. i have to go early because kesian la mak saya kan panas3. lapar lg. thanks to izzat too for accompanying my mom. i have fun snapping picture. oh well sape x? sape yg rse die uduh je xnak amik gmba. HELLO, confident la sket. kennn?

since im in my degree, i met many KIND of people. some are cantek, some are uduhs. some are good. some are shits. some are very worth to keep, some are better be in hell. ops sorry la klu terase ye. no, not you babe! i am very2 happy now. i don't know why. i feel very free. and i can do whatever i want. i also become more matured. aceh2. i also think very carefully about everything. i always think about the future. hmmm but like i said something from my previous post. about someone that i miss. suddenly out of the blue, he text me asking me weather im in kl or trg. he asked me to join him go back to trg because he is driving alone. hm? wth? so the next week he text me again asking again if im already at trg. i asked why? he said he wanted to give back my books. eleh ALASAN. pdhal nk jumpe aku. bgtau je la. rindu la tu. hello? where is all your girlfriends? that acad gile tu? da clash ke? like i don't know. and the most surprising thing that he did, he mms me all my zaman2 sekolah pictures this morning, with the text "jgn mrh gurau je" HELLO? very funny? hmmmm. . .DUNIA DUNIA. . .yes i do miss him but i will never believe him. that is for sure.

hmm what more? we also already moved out from danaumas. sorry kite bukan org kaya nk duduk kt situ. and we have no KAWAN yg baik to live together. SAD!~ now we stay at a cheaper house. that we can still afford if anything happens. but we still need house mate. 1 or two maybe. plz if anyone need room at shah alam. do contact me. very cheap ma! believe me! im serious ma! :D

so i'll be going to singapore this Christmas. i hope it will be super duper FUN! and what i most excited about is none other than SALE. yes christmas sale at singapore. just imagine that. HEAVEN people. hmm we'll see what ill found there. as i said earlier i want to make bags this holiday but i only manage to finish one now. tomorrow ill start. PROMISE!!!~ you need money right for singapore nazima. . .remember. . .

want to see more pictures on my graduation day? here and here :D

that's all maybe for now. i have many things to write about what happen this year but hmm you know. and btw i start blogging this year. woohoo!~


did i tell that im at Terengganu now. heaven people.


FaFaFa said...

oooooo. tak mo citeeeeee :'(

ala...rindu la tu. gedik. bois. hahaha

hahaha kelakar, verification ni tulis
INATIESS. maksudnye??? =DD

Nazima said...

plik3 verification ni FAAA. . .

bwat pe fa?