Most Diva Moment

It was in year 2007. The end of 2007. In every department, university, school, company or anything, by the end of year there will be held something called Dinner of whatsoever to celebrate our hard works all year round. So Graphic Department in my University held an event called Graphic Appreciation Night with the theme ROCK.

Me as usual am very excited about what to wear. hehe. So I decided to wear my high waisted skirt from P&Co, boots (hand me down from my sis) and skull printed scarf (gifted from my friend) with some bangles and necklace and earrings.

I am one of the committee in making this event ROCKS! We have make sure that everything will go smooth months ago. The foods, band performance, gifts and everything was a blast! And by the end of the night as usual there will be some awards to be given away and guess what i win PRINCESS of ROCK for the night. ROCK n ROLL BABY. hehe. I didn't expect this because I am one of the committee. but thank god. After the crowning ceremony I stand on the stage and everyone is looking at me and snapping pictures. I waved back of course. HAHA just like winning MISS WORLD only without the crown. But I got that selempang thing on my shoulder. I smiled all the way back to my hostel room and many friends and some of my juniors and seniors snapped pictures with me. I feel like a REAL PRINCESS or DIVA maybe. ahem.

So in conclusion, I want the rm200 worth of DIVA accessories so that I can have more accessories to wear to any event or everyday life because I know I will ROCK all those DIVA accessories. BYEBYE.

this post is actually for TiC Contest. and I really hope I am one of the winners. pls GOD help me. :D


FaFaFa said...

letak la gmbar yg mu edit tuuuuuuuu =="

:) caiyok2! fa tak tau nak bwat canne. saya not a diva pon. T__T

Amy Wammy said...

lumayanya hadiah. O_O

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L said...

one word, perghhh

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mrym said...

rock! :)