Old Memories.

Say HI! to Amir.

Scarf : Tie rack
Kurung : Painting Flower Motif
Peep Toe : Bijou
Bag : 6 T's
Brooch : TGG
Spectacles : Penny Pang

Say HI! to Pjah

What I eat? Butter Bread.


Where? read for yourself.

Why kurung? i went to wedding just now. No time to go back home and change. hehe. what's wrong with kurung btw?

now, I'm FULL.
I already bought new memory card for my camera. rm30, 2g. OK la? i also bought new lens. amethyst. woohoo. i met aad at the wedding just now. Azi is also in town but he is busy with his dancing I guess. senyap je. What more? MAWI & EKIN got married too today. TET!~
Now I'm watching NASHA AZIZ presenting awards for Anugerah Planet Muzik. Best nye jadi Kak Nasha ni kan?

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