Singapore LAH!~

First Day. at Lil India.

Sweater : FILA
Digicam : Canon

2nd Day : Roaming Around the City & Sentosa Island.

Top : Topshop
Black & White Scarf : Tie Rack

Very Big Loop Earring : Sunway

3rd Day. Duck tour & River Cruise. Night Safari.

Pink Batik Cheong Sam : Tgg

4th Day : Arab Street, Mustaffa, Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road.

Animal Fake Fur Belt : A Couple Birds

What did I buy there? Alexander McQueen perfume. Some key chains for gifts. 3 very cute ear rings. Gucci bag, the best buy ever. Singapore tee. that's all. very limited time to shop btw. we were busy going to Sentosa Island bla bla bla. It's not a shopping vacation. It's seeing places vacation. tet. :D

i have fun snapping lots of beautiful scenery at Singapore. To have a look click here.



FaFaFa said...

keychain? sumpah fa bagi keychain same ZIE oiiiiiiiiii T___T

tak supais! :D


A A D said...

kakak suda pulang...!


qila, darl said...

bestnye!!pics mesti cantek2. ;))

Nazima said...

qila, tgk laaa gmbaa kt facebooookkk. . .

aad, kte da jupeee kt fac. . .

fa fa fa, keychain mcm mne? glow in the dark ke x???

FaFaFa said...

hohoho, lain then. :D
muroh2 je... tak de duit!