Big Bow

Big Bow Headband : DIY
Scarf : Maryam's gift
Pink long sleeve : Sis's gift
Purple dress : Sg Wang
Purple Pants : VOIR
Studs Heels : VOIR
Belt : Fourskin

Say Hi! to Cheng (wearing Azi's yellow wayfare).

The Studs from Voir.

Atut Family (proudly Malaysians).


Today I supposed to have English Writing class at 10.30am. Woke up at 9.15am (yeke?). Then walk to the bus stop waiting for Azi and Batrisya. When we arrived at the foyer, I met ammy, azi and cheng. they said class canceled, lecturers attending meetings. shit. The worst thing here is that Shasha called me last night. Offered me a promoter job for 1 day for Sony at Sunway from 12-10. and they will pay me rm100! I pass because my class start at 10.30 until 12.30. and I also will have transportation problem, but that is not the main problem. If only i know what will happen today. If only kan? The day will be filled with meeting new people. and the money! a big ATUT!~

But, never mind, there are still some good news today, finally i got to use Streamyx. after 2 weeks of waiting, at 2pm just now, i finally get connected with the world for the rest of my life. wow. meletop. right now, I'm waiting for Yna to go buy router together with Farah. and the plan for tonight we'll be going to uptown. makan2.

alahai, melepas rm100. sedih.


mrym said...

woah ade internet ;D
bnyk lah update jakg. . GOOD

A A D said...

haha akhirnya dpt tenet! syabas...~

Amy Wammy said...

keje part time? mmg melepas. tisk tisk. streamyx laju kan. haha


kat sony? huhu~

anyway, u pakai pape ssuai je
walaupun nampak pelik :D

Nazima said...

auw, TQ! haha.

FaFaFa said...

atututtttttttttt. awal2 ni, g je mana2. tak de kelas pon.
sengaja kan. T__T

Yohana Tawith said...

nk pindah umah zie la cenggini.

Nazima said...

meh le cheng2!!!~

still de kosong.