Roller Blade!

Again and again.

Say Hi! to Patung.

We're in CTU class. Our lecturer was very funny. Her face was serious but then suddenly she started to make jokes. The jokes are such as Bab 1, SoSial and dancing in front of the class. Glad to have you as my lecturer Madam Asmak Ali! I sit at the first row and she is standing in front of me most of the time so as you know I laugh very loud. Sorry madam if I annoy you. tet!~

Tomorow is Pattern and Garment class. We have to make a cocktail dress this semester. Tomorow we have to show our inspiration@mood board. My theme is Neon, Harajuku, 40's and Loosey.

Wish me luck with the dress, ok?

Big Shirt : Very Old Ex's
Necklace : OSIXNINE
Skinny : ROMP
Shoe : MOMOE
Bag : Handmade
Kate Moss Long tee (worn inside) : Kl Indie Fest



FaFaFa said...

wow, totally.
ingat ke dia lagi ke zie.
forget it foget him.
TET =="

indie sgt today :D

Nazima said...

ye, mmg da forget ponnn. . .hoho. . .konon2 nk pki mcm marykate@juno bak kate kheme. . .tet!~

FaFaFa said...

hahaha. JUNO ;)