Citizen K International

Say Hi! to my house mate.

We're heading to Jaya Jusco, Azi was going to buy gladiator, woman's gladiator. Unfortunately, your feet is big la babe! next time don't be so tall! :D

Scarf : tie rack
tee : Plastic
Cardigan : PDI
Skirt : seed
shoe : momoe

Before that, i bought two French magazine, Citizen K International. it is 2007 edition, but what the heck. cheap cheap ma! and i bought Dark Blue Eye shadow at Elianto. suddenly feeling like wanting to wear eye shadow to class. ho ho. like i'll wake up early for all these things. sorry. better sleep than eat. but maybe i can do this in the car. as you all know, Section 1, which is Uitm is really packed with cars and buses and vans every morning. haiyaa. mcm wanita bekerja bak kate Qmal (make-up in the car) :D

sorry, no pictures of what i bought. and later on, we had some surprised bday party for qmal. Happy birthday KAKAK! i gave him Cadbury choc in the box. hope he loved it(he should be). later i'll tell and show more. all pictures of the party were taken by Farah.


FaFaFa said...

nape rmbt fa mcm ade extra kat kiri dan kanan.

(pokok tau tu!)

L said...

hi papa. eh. fafa! haha.