Electric Blue

Chicken Satay sponsored by Lazli Latiff.

Cake sponsored by Lazli too. Oreo Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe.

My family had a little gathering just now at my house. It involved 5 families. we also celebrated my sis and my cousin birthday. their birthday was on last 21st January. the main course was actually laksa. but some of them did not eat laksa, what a waste (atut). so my mom made some white fried rice and lazli brought some satay. so everyone was happy. especially ghazi and zaheera. Ghazi was really excited to meet zaheera. Ghazi is 2 years old this coming februrary and zaheera is 1year and two months. so you can imagine how cue they are playing together. like every single cute little things in the world. please save our earth for these little ones people! tq.

New Electric Blue legging bought on9. New Primavera peep toe, my sis gave them to me because it doesn't fit her well. It's too big for her. so TQ very much! right now, i want wedges actually because you know how comfy wedges are. wait and see.

the cute little ribbons.


FaFaFa said...

ada kasut baruuuuuuuuu! :P
cantik leggings. letop2!
habislah,mmg nmpk dr jauh!
happy birthday teha kawaii!
ghazi2... kim salam ghazi.

Nazima said...

ghazi! kakak farah kim slm!