Famous Amos

Pjah & Amir (all in pink, coincidentally)

fav scarf : tie rack, fav skinny : MNG, fav shoe : momoe :D

Suddenly at 2pm Amir sent me an sms, asking me to join him to go out bersiar-siar. i wanted to go to giant because i want to buy some plain t-shirt. i got 5 t-shirts with only rm1.99 each. how great! its sleeveless and long. great. actually i planed to go with maryam but bla bla bla. tomorrow I'll go out with you girls ok!
Next pjah & amir wanted to eat, so we went to Moombai or now it is called Bayu. (atut) Moombai is much better for me. I only ordered fresh orange.
Just now(night) i managed to finish 2 t-shirts with cute little things. tomorrow i'll snap some pictures for you to see. the pictures will look better tomorrow rather than at night right?
Bla Bla Bla. . .what more? bye bye. see you tomorrow.
sweet nib lets.


FaFaFa said...

wow. DATING.
dia suke kat mu ke? hahha XD

Nazima said...

wahahhahaa. . xde la FA. . .tu ex actually ATUT