Have fun GO crazy

(yes full with zits)

Still remember that TIC DIVA contest? the prize is worth rm200? no no no, unfortunately i did not win(cry) but this great friend of mine win! ahhhhhhhhhhh x aci OK! bnci ah.
SITI MARYAM KHAIRUL AZIZ! congratulations cik yang ku sayang. rm200 of DIVA thingys-thingys! of course you'll be very gorgeous after having all that accessories.

Have you watched American Idol 8? or One in A million? or Raja Lawak Astro 3? guess what my favorite is Raja Lawak Astro. HA HA HA. come and laugh with me. byebye TV. holiday will be over tomorrow. Assignments are really my enemy right now. gile aku ni wei x bwat work. sorry to all my lecturers if my works did not reach your expectation. i guess i have to feel sorry to myself first right? wake up wake up! start sketching! NOW!

what more? oh yeah. my Grandmother, my mom's mom died last night at 10. She went peacefully. she did not look like she is really2 in pain or suffering. Alhamdulillah. just now, after Zohor prayer die dikebumikan at Ladang Mosque next to her late husband. She must be missing him very2 much. Al-Fatihah. tq.


mrym said...

hello ;p
jgn sedih ok zie.
aku bagi present ke mu jugok ok


Nazima said...

tq tq tq

Jay said...


FaFaFa said...

sorry for the lost.

MRYM menanggggg ke?

Nazima said...


A A D said...

bitter sweet post u got here. sori bout ur grandma. sori u didn't win d diva thingy oso.

*me nochet siap work juga. heh.. .

Nazima said...

ahaha. xyah bwat ah work aad. bjok sket :D