Finally. arriving at my home for Chinese New Year holiday. This is our mid-term break. Assignments started rising to the top! get ready to be like a bee people. btw, happy chinese new year to all chinese people in the world.

I went back with Mcd, Maryam & Hasanah. Maryam was so in love with this cute little machine plant in Mcd's car. the cutest part is at night, she sleeps!

at Genting Sempah. Sorry, i eat mcd again. always forgot about the palestin children. bodo la. but for this time i only eat nuggets. but still, right?

Striped headband : Teddy Tales
Sweater : FILA
Skinny : MNG
Bag : Gucci
Shoe : MOMOE


FaFaFa said...

nape sume org ade bende daun tu??
dia gerak time ada matahari!! :D

Nazima said...

ntoh lee. . .fa NNT ade kete bli k pokok tuu. . .huuu. . .


FaFaFa said...

beli kete BEETLE.
tapi tak mo letak pokok, nak penguin nari2. haha TET

Nazima said...

hahahahhahahaaa. . .msti COMEL PENGUIN!!! mlm die tdo. . .alohhhhhhh!!!~