Bangkit! Jgn tdo je.

new ZIERAPAH collection. have a look pls. tq.

I woke up then i went to the toilet. next Huda, my cousins came by because she needed some help from me using illustrator. next, azi smsed asking what time to go out? then at 2.30 we went to tesco extra. i bought utility shelf, made in malaysia. so i'm giving my money to malaysians. not to bombs for gaza bla bla. you get what i mean right? pls support malaysians people. who else will if not us? i also bought glade air freshner. now my house smells just like ako lee's. meletop you all! then we went to sakura hair studio. azi got some haircut. chop chop chop.

Bangkit! jgn tdo je tee i bought at Rantai. the stencils on the wall were from them too. cute eh?

i wanted to wear this,
scarf : maryam
jacket : G2000 Pink
bowtie : zierapah
tee : bangkit
bag : vintage gucci
legging : on9 shopping
shoe : unbranded

but instead i wore this,
bag : LV
shoe : momoe

there were not much difference and why bother telling? haha.


FaFaFa said...

mesti yna yg tgkp gmbo.

Nazima said...

yeah. pndi ork salih yaacob amik gmbo :D

FaFaFa said...

hahaha, salih...salihhh :P

L said...

meletop beg LV

mrym said...

LV sangat unique, just like you!

Nazima said...

tq tq tq. . .