The Hair & Chic Charity

Ready? Get set. . .GO! ! !

Trying to be a little bit rocky actually. Yes, konon2 mcm Rihanna or Agyness leee ni. . .what do YOU think?

Going to Chic Charity @ Somo, mont kiara with Maryam & Amar.

Scarf : from Mecca
vest : radioactive
shirt : someone's
legging : sg wang
wedges : VISS
bag : LV on9
rings : DIVA

photo by Maryam.

got this bag for a very SPECIAL PRICE. tq tq tq to the selling this to me. you won't believe the price.

Happy going back to school@work people.


qila, darl said...

zie! rambut baru hotness!! ;D

FaFaFa said...

terkejut eden time balik tu.

Nazima said...

:D ehhhheeee. . .tq killllaaaa. . .

FA klako tgh bsh kesan2 period. . .

mrym said...


me likey :)

cantik kan kan kan.

Nazima said...

tq tq tq muah3. . .

FaFaFa said...

zie! hahahah
satu dunie tau fa bsh spenda. hahah :D atot!