say hi! to Khairul AMMMMMMA.

long sleeve : UK
long orange dress : Forever 21
owl : bijou
pants : trg
gladiator : VOIR

Can't remember wether i told this story before just tetibe mcm teringat. this one fine night makan2. then my suddenly a new(we just met that day) gay friend said to me "You ni msti player kan?" and i was like(monologue) "hello?! i only had 2 ex boyfriend, you did not know me suddenly you want to judge me?" isk if that's what gay thinks of me. what about the straight then? what a crazy world. btw, never judge a book by its cover. :D

Au Revoir.


FaFaFa said...

haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii khairul ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma.

brapa bynk M dia?

Nazima said...

amma appa dei tambi whahaha


faz said...

amma appa..

A A D said...


ouh weyh who d hell asked if u'r a player..?!

Nazima said...

ade kwn si itu 'atut' tuuu. . .

FaFaFa said...

wat player?
brani nye

mrym said...

zie!third mesti best.wak laki teruh kekg neh :)