Freak Show, done.

All Right Reserved.

The assignment was actually to do our own version of 'Two Ways of Life', the work from OSCAR REJLANDER. Thanks to all my group members, having great pleasure working with all of you. this is the result when fashion, graphic and photography combined together. and yeah, I got new friend from Iran, Shiva. bile bdk international nk masuk fashion plak?
First, we have the tattooed lady, rubber lady, mustache lady, elephant lady, strong lady, cat lady, giant, Siamese twin, and last, wing lady. Enjoy!~


Amy Wammy said...

gempak gempak!

Nazima said...

tq tq :D

qila, darl said...

coolness la zieeeeee

faz said...

N+E+T+U+K = ?

Nazima said...