Shake Your Booty, Maryam!

turban : tie rack
shirt : gary
pants : vj jeans with new rainbow on it(draw them myself last night with some help from yna)
bag : on9
heels : voir
earring : sunway
rings : diva & vincci

@ the curve.

shasha, marym, dai, diot, sarah & me.

thanks sarah for including me in this celebration. even tough you call me just one hour before the party start. but the party went well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARYAM! maryam is happy. we eat a lot. we talk and laugh. hope you enjoy the present. sorry low budget nowadays. later i blanje2 mkn ok syang. at trg la k. thanks maryam for being there. but sometimes you do annoy me. but that is what friend do. may god bless you. may you're happy with your life. please be my GOOD friend forever!

btw, yo're OLD!

after that we watched Shinjuku 'accident'
moral of the story : 'bli pisau jepun kerana ia sgt tajam smpi boleh ptg tgn'

p/s : tq fa for lending me ur dslr & yna sbb anta g KTM.



FaFaFa said...

happy bday mrym!!! :))
nnt kite bli kek best kat maria. :))
kan yna kan

(roti sebenarnye - roti marshmallow)

ur welcome! gmbr oke ke? hhohohoho. tak sempat nk ajar pakai manual. eceh. ingat ke? dah la nk cpt smlm. :))

faz said...

happy bday mariammmmmmmmmm!!!
moge pjg umor~
tuo doh cek we....

hahha~ nti la kte bli roti marshmallow tu.. bg maryam..

mrym said...

tq fa n faz yna hahahaa!