Say Hi! to Hani.

her husband, Hani & me.

hehe. congrats and sorry i came late. i arrived at 5pm. i already have my lunch somewhre else earlier so my mom said we'll go a lil bit late. Hani already changed her wedding dress and washed her make up. never mind, she'll upload her wedding pictures in facebook. and by the way, have fun in England later. hope you're happy and dpt ank England nnt!~ sorry about my pictures up there. i am just using my hp's camera. and now i am in trg and i have no photoshop here. heh.
husband : xabis ke mkn?
nazima : knyang dh la.
hani : dpt suami knyang dh la.
husband : ble nk besa, mkn sket je. mkn la bnyk sket. mkn roti je evryday.
(oh so sweet)

till then. au revoir.


FaFaFa said...

depa duk england ka nnt? T__T
best nya

faz said...

die honeymoon kat england ke z?

Nazima said...

die smbg blajo kt dinun. . .ikt suami dio g england. . .

mrym said...

omg sedaknyeeee org. OMG OMG OMG! nasib di tgn tuhan kan...
i hope same thing goes to everyone include me.
im so happy and proud of her :)

best nyeee... dah la kawen pastu further study kat England.

p/s; congrats HANI

Nazima said...

hmmm nk jgok. . .