Angel & Vee
cute kan?

me in Izzuany.

the winners.
best collection - Shada
best co-ordination - Anim
most creative and innovative - Fahmi


the show was great. many people said well done. even tough i just watched from the back stage(sedih!~) but i can see all the design. superb. watching all the crews and designers and models too. and backstage sgt sempit ok. tgk model jatuh mse naik tangge. keke! afraid, nervous, excited and every feeling is surrounding me at that moment. but it went well. btw, thanks to farah for the pictures. ok all seniors, i'll miss you. ala nnt msti jupe kt mne2 event kan? jgn lupe saye disini. . .keke.
p/s : sorry if i miss spell anything. . .

bkn aku srh boldkan. mmg Sandra yg bold kan!


Amy Wammy said...

jadi model siot! woot woot!

Nazima said...

biase2 je nokkk. . .keke


faz said...



Nazima said...

nge nge nge! ! !

next sem mu mri tgk k? next sem kteorg(03) handle! whahahaaa. . .

mrym said...

cantik gileeeeeeeeeeeeeee


FaFaFa said...


btw: notification skang ni (wompit) macam nick name org je. hahah wompit. pfft.

rd idewani zaini.nama kamek. said...

i'll be missing u guys..
xpe..nnt i dtg melaway adek2 yg berjaya kt bengkel k..hehe..

Nazima said...

i'll be missin u ardi! :D