baru :D

Just now i was packing sweets. for what? anyone can guess? hmmm here the BIG NEWS! happy news! my mom, Zahariah Hassan will marry this 1st June! hehe. i don;t know how or what i feel. whoever want to come. pls do come! friends, mri la join OK :D my mom already repaint outer side of the house and her room. her room is now green wit a lil yellow. with wood floor. with new wardrobe and mirror. i hope you will be happy! just one more week mom! be ready! finally you have someone to be around with. that's all. later i'll post the picture of the ceremony. the theme is PINK! I can't wait to meet all my family and relatives! and sape2 nk mri JOM LA, lame dh x jupe kot. 12 noon ok. come and share the joy with me. and btw, mee sedaap taste better at home. why?

i know my mom will be beautiful!


FaFaFa said...


nak gggggggggggggggggggg!


Gooseberry//Yo said...

congratt to u n ur mom! hope it'll be a fun day!

Amy Wammy said...

congratulations to ur mom!

faz said...

zie blh tak aku dtg???
serious neh!!!!~


qmal said...

aku igt aku mimpi....

shakerh said...

yay! yay! yay! suke nye bagi pihak awok!

A A D said...


congratz auntieee....!

zie, mama tny sape groom?

ntah2 knal kn... ganu kecik je kot.

heh.. .

qila, darl said...

zie, congrats! nak datang. tapi.. huuu lame kot tak jpe. tapiii...