At 6.30, I suddenly notice, where is my hp? u know what, my hp is not operating well. sometimes she 'sings' and sometimes she is bisu. so i checked her up, there was 9 miss called from maryam! and 5 sms from *tet*. haha. then i called mrym, she said JOM KUOR! so shorting it up, i am getting ready to go One Utama(ye, xde tmpt lain da aku ni). meet them at MPH, walk for a while, bought something for tomorrow :D then mrym wants ice-cream, then she wants cake at secret recipe, lastly she and amar decided to eat at Pizza Milano. aiyark. so we ate pepperoni pizza and some seafood spaghetti. bla bla bla. walk some more. have no idea what to do then, LET'S GO KARAOKE! rm1 for a song. yeah that toilet karaoke box. wehehehe. i had fun singing CANDYMAN even tough the song was really loud! then we sing tell him, tears in my heaven, bring me to life, dancing queen, torn and knocking on heaven's door(reggae version, xbest kot) then its 10pm already, we went back home.

Mrym's song.


the sky on my way to the new wing. the traffic was heavy, so i have the chance to enjoy the view, cet.

Fedora : forever 21
dress : Esprit
legging : sg wang
clutch : DIY

At 12 shasha called, 'Zie, jom g Murni'. OK JOM. i ate roti hawaii and sirap bandung. MUAK!

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himey said...

love ur clothes.. hehe