candid by Bdak Photo Hebat.

top : The Executive
skirt : Gary
heels : NOSE
bag : Gucci

Say Hi! to Titut. Thank you for buying me this to hold my hands in my dreams Firdous.

The Atuts. I love you all sangat2. later i'll frame this ok? promise.

Kure took only about 5-10mins to do this. Aku suke la weh!

Adiah dari KAKAK CANTIK kite : Azi Foglieta! Lingerie tu penting in women's life ok.

(loving the beads)
Early celebration from the graphic people. Happy birthday to Pak9 & Ira & Ica(die lelaki tau) too.

Later that evening this kids(+Aad, die photographer) made some 'surprise' for me. menjadi la ok! igt bwt kt umh je. rupa2 nya at Mcd. Ok LA! suke la! dpt cake best la! presents lg kan? more pictures from aad's dslr to came. just wait ok. sabar kan separuh dari iman :D just now, mom called and ask about Firdous. ohoho. So everyone knew alredy. Ok senang hidup aku. Before today, we went to the curve to have our dinner, nk blii cake but we arried there at 10, Knk bli cake xsempt, kenny rogers pon da abis ayam. kempunan la. Dayah was the 1st one to call & wish. maryam keep on smsing me wishing me bday. and she called at 12am. i love u mrym! wish you were here. thanks all my beloved friends that wishes me at fb, ms and smses. but most important thing is that i will get a new hp from my siblings and mummy! can't wait. and later we watch SETEM, the movie was great. It is very original. and very funny!!!~ you know how i laugh. and all the CGI effects are superb. this is from my point of view. korang sume xtau la kan. aku sebenarnya mengantuk neh. and illustration aku xsiap lg. ok la. harini aku sgt happy. sume org bwat aku happy je. senyum memanjang. aku nk bwt kerja. byebye. STOP DREAMING NAZIMA! tp sket lg nk story ni:

the persons that share the same birth date with me. Nana, future Lawyer & my cousin Ace Shatirah. She just got her PHD. Congrats!

tq fa && mok. korng mmg btol.

At modul, soalan hangat ditanya is 'APA Falsafah Cinta anda?'


faz said...

HAPPYnyERrrrrrrr diaaaa...

comey muka mu pok mey!

Nazima said...

gmbo yg 1st ke? aku mmg comel kan?

faz said...

hooooo..pok mey kene sumpah!!derhaka sgt ni.. hahaha

Nazima said...

tgk la muke sedih je tu. sian.

FaFaFa said...

coooooooooooomey bday girl :D

hepi besday
lub u.
syg u.


salsatheshopaholic said...

nape dating lambat sgt??kan ayam da abes..zie bday mu best!!!! best sbb ko hepi dpt celebrat bday wit ur special one..heheh!! cake nmpak sgt menarik...so yummy and teddy bear tu look so cute!!! hehehe....:) wah2...ad da ade dslr ke???meletop la tu bday pic!!!!

Ria Naz said...

Ade i.
Thanks zie for featuring.
Bile nk celebrate together neh?
Qmal dah smgt dah tuuu.
Takpe. Biarkan lmbt asalkn celebrate.